Electro - Equiscope® Training & Therapy
Painless • Effective Therapy

Electro - Equiscope® Training & Therapy
Painless • Effective Therapy

Equiscope Therapy

Equiscope Therapy, Medicine for the 21st Century

Advanced Microcurrent Technology

The Electro-Equiscope® is  truly unique device that is controlled by a Sophisticated Guidance System correcting injured or abnormal tissue. The Equiscope® is result driven electrical therapy.  It normalizes and relaxes damaged tissue, thereby allowing the body to return to homeostasis and heal itself. The Equiscope® combines Picocurrent, Analog and Digital two-way feedback, adjusting its electrical therapy through the skin. Our non-invasive Equiscope® therapy is a painless calming experience, delivering results within three sessions.

The Thorp Institute of Integrated Medicine is located in Encinitas in San Diego County and is the premier training provider for Electro-Equiscope Technicians.

If you are interested in Equiscope Technician Training or Therapy, call 858-539-6111 now to schedule an appointment.

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To Become An Equiscope Technician

Thorp Institute is the leading Micro-Current Training Center. Whether you’re looking to stay healthy, or want to learn about the latest industry trends, the Thorp Institute is here for you.


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